5 surprising benefits of math tutoring

5 surprising benefits of math tutoring

1. More confidence

An overall boost in confidence is a great benefit from math tutoring. When students make mistakes on assignments & tests in class, they’ll start to hesitate with speaking up, asking questions, and engaging in class.

Students are more likely to participate without the fear of getting an answer wrong when they’re more comfortable with the material & understand that with time & effort they will actually get better. 

Improving & excelling in math is a first step in improving confidence through the growth mindset. As they understand and continually see their own progress (overcoming obstacles time and time again), students become confident in other subjects as well as other areas of life.

In a study of 600 students, “at the National Institute of Education in Singapore, professors Lazar Stankov, Suzanne Morony, and Lee Yim Ping have found that students who think they are skilled in math tend to perform well on math tests.” (Briggs, S)

2. One on one attention

Another great benefit of math tutoring is the one on one attention your student will receive. For the most part, there are about 20-30 students in each math class, which means your student may not be receiving enough personalized attention to help them excel. 

It’s a bit more difficult for teachers to give each student personalized attention, walk them through what they need to improve on, and have a growth plan for them specifically. While teachers try their best to help all their students at the same time, with math tutoring your child can have personal instruction and teaching styles catered to them. 

If your child is normally shy & doesn’t ask many questions in class, having the right math tutor will help them feel safe & ensure they get their questions asked and answered. Your child’s math tutor will identify right off the bat what areas they need to focus on and communicate that to you & your child in an effective way side by side with a personal plan that helps your student. 

“Market analysts at Bear-Stearns now estimate that parents whose children are in the top and the bottom of their classes (21 percent of the total) are likely to seek tutoring.” (Gut, G. F., & Monell, J.)

It makes sense that students with average B & C grades find tutoring to excel, the students who are already doing well with A’s are driven to keep it up and are getting tutored to continue to excel, and the students who are struggling are finding tutoring to catch up.

3. Your student will see improved test scores

Test scores play a large role in student GPAs and what classes they will be entering the following year. Having excellent test scores will help your child get into honors or higher the next year and the years after that as well, which benefits their college application process. 

A private math tutor enables your child to prepare better for upcoming tests as they work together on your child’s weaknesses. 

LearnX offers an educational experience that provides students with a personal 1:1 tutor & a study buddy as well. Students take a scholar assessment to get matched with a tutor based on their personality, learning styles, & interests. The same results are used to match your child with a study friend that they’re able to practice with. Learn more here.

4. Improved attitude toward school & academics

Students often find certain academic subjects to be boring because they don’t understand the material, find it hard to learn, or get confused. 

When your child starts to understand how math works instead learning through rote memorization of the material, they will enjoy math more & turn a positive attitude towards it. 

It’s much harder to forget when you understand concepts rather than memorizing only.

5. Your student will build good & productive habits

Your child is going to learn how to effectively improve their skills in math which comes with proper study habits. This leads to better time management, a better understanding of why work ethic is important, and reliably able to independently learn. 

These skill sets will inevitably be used in other areas of their life and help your student become more proactive, and set them up for long term successes.

Briggs, S., About Saga Briggs is an author at InformED. You can follow her on Twitter@sagamilena or read more of her writing here., & Briggs, S. (2014, July 5). Self-Efficacy: How Self-Confidence Improves Learning. InformED. https://www.opencolleges.edu.au/informed/features/self-efficacy-and-learning/.

Gut, G. F., & Monell, J. (n.d.). Private Tutoring. NAIS. https://www.nais.org/magazine/independent-school/summer-2008/private-tutoring/.


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My son (newly 15) did the 6-week program and I thought it was very good for him. First of all, it gave him something to do this summer (no typical job due to COVID), and second, I think it made him think about things other than math, which is his favorite subject and thing to do! I also appreciated the one on one mentoring sessions in addition to the weekly group session.

I also liked that he had homework to do between sessions. I thought that he received a lot of attention from the LogoLife founders and instructors and that the info given to him to develop was detailed and effective, and tailored to his passions.

A productive and comprehensive teen entrepreneurship program.

Latha O.


The Logolife program is a truly inspiring and innovative way to teach today's teens the skills they will need to adjust in this changing world. As a single parent, my biggest concern has been to prepare my kiddos for the future, but what the future holds is anybody's guess.

When I found Logolife, I was so excited because it teaches kids to adapt to changes and to create their own path forward. I am especially impressed that they encourage kids not to be afraid of failure, but to accept that trial and error is a meaningful part of the process and that being gritty and tenacious can be even more important than having natural talent or ability.

While they learn to capitalize on their strengths, they are also encouraged to grow through their weaknesses and to use what they have to bring value into the world around them. All of us know that what our schools aren't able to prepare our kids for the future or to make them successful in life.

Education alone isn't the answer; the answer is the right education. I am so proud to encourage every parent to investigate Logolife as an option for their children.

If you start by attending the parent meeting I think you'll find that every point of their program is something today's teens need to not only hear, but embrace. It also helps that everyone associated with the program is completely professional, helpful, gracious and enthusiastic.

My daughter and I have had nothing but a positive and uplifting experience with Logolife. I give them my very highest recommendation!

Christine S.