5 Reasons Why Coding Is Important For Kids To Learn

5 Reasons Why Coding Is Important For Kids To Learn

Whether your child dreams of becoming a software developer or has no clue what they want to pursue, learning how to code brings an array of benefits. From expanding one’s imagination to learning a whole new (computer) language, coding is an in-demand skill that’s here to stay. Even if your child isn’t interested in pursuing a tech career, there are still valuable life skills they can learn from coding. Read on to discover 5 reasons why coding is important for kids to learn today.

Getting started: Your child's business

First of all, let’s get clear on what coding really is. In essence, coding is how we communicate with computers. A string of code tells a computer what to do, what graphics to display, what actions to take, and so forth. Someone who writes code is essentially writing a set of instructions. These instructions will determine how the computer responds.

Get the Top 5 Resources Kids Use to Learn Code

These resources are organized by cost, difficulty level, and learning style to help you choose the right one.

Help your kids learn how to code

Ever heard of online coding workshops? They’re pretty great and LogoLife, an online learning platform, hosts coding workshops for teens throughout the year. They’ll learn coding fundamentals while creating their very own game in Roblox, all with our help along the way. Check out the site here to see when the next workshop is!

Why is coding important for kids to learn?

1. Coding expands children’s creativity

Learning how to code doesn’t have to be boring. With hundreds or even thousands of coding games, puzzles, and activities online no one will be bored learning how to code. Because kids are literally designing things from scratch, it opens up a world of imagination they can tap into. This gives kids the confidence to flex their creative muscles and design something completely unique. Roblox Studio is one of many platforms that teaches kids the fundamentals of coding while building their own games!


2. Sharpens problem-solving skills

Coding is all about making mistakes and figuring out how to fix them. Problem-solving is the name of the game here. Through trial and error, kids develop the critical skill of solving big and small problems. In life, we all face problems and have to put our thinking caps on to fix them. Coding trains your child to think critically which can prepare them for solving bigger problems in life down the road.

“ A computer is a bicycle for your mind” – Steve Jobs


3. Coding builds a child’s perseverance

Some qualities can’t be taught, they must be learned. Perseverance is one of them. Because coding is all about troubleshooting and problem-solving, children learn how to test different possibilities until they figure out what works. Developing perseverance will benefit them in every area of their life, especially in their career. Be it a traditional path or entrepreneurship, resilience is a key ingredient to success. If entrepreneurship is the route they’re after, here are 5 simple steps your child can take now to prepare.


4. Coding builds a child’s perseverance

Coding has a way of making math very visual. They can see the output that they’re creating and play with numbers until they design what they want. Be it a Roblox game or a website design, math suddenly becomes more interesting when coding comes into play. It makes it easier for students to grasp different mathematical concepts at a young age. What’s great is that kids are sharpening their computational thinking skills without even realizing it. To them, it’s all fun and games!


5. High demand – not enough skilled professionals

About 40 million jobs in the tech industry go unfulfilled due to a lack of skilled talent. As long as technology keeps evolving, coding will always be a coveted skill. Helping your child learn how to code is one of the best things you can do for their future because there’s no shortage of career opportunities. If technology is something they’re interested in and choose to pursue, they’ll find a lot of success in this industry. To put things into perspective, the average salary for a software developer is $110,140. People who can code are the future of our society – and will earn a pretty penny for being savvy.

The Takeaways

It’s easy to think that coding is too complicated for kids or teens to learn but the plethora of games, puzzles, and resources on the web make it easier than ever. We’ve gone through a handful of reasons why coding is important for kids to learn. From expanding one’s creativity to developing problem-solving skills and even learning to have a resilience-based mindset, coding sets your child up for success in any area of life.

Enroll your teen in a coding workshop

Is your teen interested in learning how to code? LogoLife is offering an online coding workshop just for young people! They’ll learn the fundamentals of coding, how to create their own game, and be able to connect with other aspiring young coders. See when the next workshop is here!

Get the Top 5 Resources Kids Use to Learn Code

These resources are organized by cost, difficulty level, and learning style to help you choose the right one.


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When I found Logolife, I was so excited because it teaches kids to adapt to changes and to create their own path forward. I am especially impressed that they encourage kids not to be afraid of failure, but to accept that trial and error is a meaningful part of the process and that being gritty and tenacious can be even more important than having natural talent or ability.

While they learn to capitalize on their strengths, they are also encouraged to grow through their weaknesses and to use what they have to bring value into the world around them. All of us know that what our schools aren't able to prepare our kids for the future or to make them successful in life.

Education alone isn't the answer; the answer is the right education. I am so proud to encourage every parent to investigate Logolife as an option for their children.

If you start by attending the parent meeting I think you'll find that every point of their program is something today's teens need to not only hear, but embrace. It also helps that everyone associated with the program is completely professional, helpful, gracious and enthusiastic.

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